Week 1: Sales

  • B2B and B2C sales sessions.
  • Shortening their sales cycle.
  • Scaling techniques.
  • Fine tuning revenue goals.

Week 2: Growth Marketing

  • 500 is excited to bring in some of its world-class experts in startup growth and distribution for a week focused on growth hacking.
  • Sessions will focus on introduction to marketing techniques used by the 500 distribution team. Email and digital marketing will be discussed in-depth by mentors, as well as sales and scaling, pricing and market positioning, and retargeting/remarketing.
  • Office hours will be held for the startups to discuss and work with the mentors.
  • Fireside chats and lunch talks with the mentors will be open to the public and happen throughout the week.


  • These weeks will give the startups in the Kobe Accelerator a chance to revisit their goals and incorporate what they have learned from the mentors, talks, and their fellow startups and into their companies.
  • Each startup will have experiments to implement from the Growth & Distribution sessions and this recess will provide a good opportunity to schedule a variety of tests and their effect on their target market.
  • This is also a great time to schedule meetings that may require travel, and the co-working space will remain open for the duration of these two weeks.

Week 5: Fundraising

  • Capital raising.
  • Discuss best practices, tactics, and strategies for fundraising in Japan and worldwide.
  • Mock investor interviews.

Week 6: Pitch Prep

  • Preparation sessions for Demo Day.
  • Creating a compelling pitch.
  • Learning how to reiterate why your company is a great investment.

Week 7: Demo Day

  • On December 16th the startups will have a chance to present their companies to investors and guests from 500's network at the Demo Day!

* Schedule will be finalized to best meet the needs of the participants and is subject to change.

Additional support

Health-Tech startups will benefit from the following customized support;

  1. 1:1 office hours with mentors who are experienced in healthcare
  2. Field trips to visit various healthcare companies and the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster
  3. Guest speakers from the healthcare industry to share challenges and opportunities of building a business in the Japanese healthcare sector